The Labour Party 1906-51 AS History Quiz

All about the Labour Party in the AQA Britain 1906-51 specification. The quiz includes questions on the fomation of Labour, three Labour governments and the role of the party in opposition.

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1. Why did Labour's status as a minority government cause problems?

  • They depended on Liberal support, preventing them from passing any Socialist reforms
  • They depended on the Irish Nationalists for support
  • The Conservatives were able to block their policies in the House of Lords
  • The people were able to overthrow them
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Other questions in this quiz

2. Which of these was NOT a feature of the NHS in 1951?

  • Treatment in a sanatoria for TB
  • Free prescriptions
  • Free dental care
  • Private wards

3. Who was deputy prime minister in Churchill's war coalition, and later Prime Minister?

  • Clement Attlee
  • Hugh Dalton
  • Ernest Bevin
  • Aneurin Bevan

4. Which key policy did Labour manage to achieve in the late 1940s?

  • Nationalisation of staple industries
  • Tariff reform
  • The Gold Standard
  • Free trade

5. How did World War One change the role of Labour?

  • It raised the status of the trade unions, Labour's main premise
  • It didn't really have an effect on them.
  • They split in 1916 and never fully recovered
  • It got them out of supporting armed rebellion in Ireland


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