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2. Power is the Work Done in a given time and is given by the equation...?

  • P = E/T
  • P= E x T
  • E = M x B xV
  • W = F x d

3. Momentum depends on .....?

  • The Height and Weight of an Object
  • The Mass and Weight of an Object
  • The Mass and Velocity of an Object
  • The Velocity and Surface area of an Object

4. Kinetic Energy can be calculated using the equation :

  • E (k) = 1/2 x m x v(2)
  • P= M x v
  • KE = I x F/g
  • W= F x d

5. What is 'Work Done' and Energy transferred measured in ?

  • Kilo- Grams
  • Watts
  • Joules
  • Kilo-watts


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Specifically designed for AQA Additional Science.

This is a nice quiz that you can do and then test your knowledge. Once you have done, you can see what areas you need to work on. There are may resources on this topic to help you.

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