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2. Kinetic Energy can be calculated using the equation :

  • E (k) = 1/2 x m x v(2)
  • W= F x d
  • P= M x v
  • KE = I x F/g

3. Power is the Work Done in a given time and is given by the equation...?

  • P= E x T
  • P = E/T
  • W = F x d
  • E = M x B xV

4. What is Gravitional Potential Energy ?(GPE)

  • The Potential of Gravity anywhere it can change.
  • The Gravity of the Earth (10N)
  • GPE is the energy that an object has due to it's vertical position in the gravitational field.
  • The amount of gravity that the Earth could potentailly have on an object due to it's height and a different gravitational field strength to that of Earth.

5. The Amount of Work Done, Force and Distance are related by what equation?

  • E = m x V
  • P = E/t
  • W = F x d
  • W= F/d


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