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2. How many Judges are in the Court of Appeal?

  • 48
  • 15
  • 37
  • 26

3. What is the Role of the Lord Chancellor?

  • Takes a role in Judiciary appointments process
  • Head of the Ministry for Justice
  • Sit as a Judge in the House of Lords.
  • Head of the Judiciary

4. Constitutional Reform Act 2005 did what?

  • Divided the State power into three types; executive, judiciary and the legislative
  • Maintained the role but the powers of the Lord Chancellor have been curtailed
  • Gives senior judges compatibility of legislation with Human Rights
  • Now have made the number of years post-qualification experience eligible to become a Judge.

5. What is meant by the term Lay Judge?

  • A non-legally qualified person
  • A legally qualified person.
  • The Lord Chancellor
  • The Executive


Smith E


A short quiz, that if anything makes you consider the issues being questioned, before going away and checking whether you have considered the material. Some of the questions are slightly misleading though; this forces you to think of how the question might be better phrased and in turn, revise the material.

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