The Hippy Movement

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1. Why were hippies called 'flower children'?

  • Because they often wore flowers and handed them out to the police.
  • Because they campaigned to save the flowers and natural habitats.
  • Because they were at one with nature.
  • Because they rejected society's idea of a home and instead camped out in fields.
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2. Who encouraged people to 'drop out' of society and coined the phrase "turn on, tune in and drop out" in 1968?

  • Bobby Seale
  • Tom Hayden
  • Huey Newton
  • Timothy Leary
  • Tom Hobden

3. When did the student movement become more extreme in its views?

  • In the late 1960s
  • In the early 1970s
  • In the early 1960s
  • In the late 1950s

4. Why was the hippie movement of particular concern to the older generation?

  • Because hippies refused to work and experimented in drugs such as marijuana and LSD.
  • Because hippies were violent and they saw them as a threat.
  • Because hippies talked of the unimportance of the older generation so they were worried the government would latch onto this view and stop giving them pensions etc.
  • Because hippies weren't productive so they were worried about what would become of the world when their generation died.

5. Some of the student movement members called themselves 'Weathermen' and began to support violence to achieve their aims. What did they take their name from?

  • The name of the band - The Weathermen
  • A Bob Dylan lyric 'You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows'
  • A Juniper song called 'Weatherman'


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