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2. In a displacement reaction, in the order of Cl2, Br2 and I2, what are the colour of the halogens in cyclohexane?

  • Pale-green, Brown, Violet
  • Pale-green, Orange, Violet
  • Pale-green, Orange, Brown
  • Orange, Pale-green, Violet

3. What is a precipitation reaction?

  • When electrons are removed from an atom.
  • When a carbonate is heated to produce a metal oxide and carbon dioxide gas.
  • The formation of a solid from a solution during a chemical reaction.
  • When a more reactive halogen displaces a less reactive halogen in a compound.

4. What is 'Disproportionation'?

  • A reaction in which an element is reduced.
  • A reaction in which an element is neither reduced or oxidised.
  • A reaction in which the same element is both reduced and oxidised.
  • A reaction in which an element is oxidised.

5. Which sub-shell do the highest energy electrons belong to in a Group 7 element?

  • d sub-shell
  • p sub-shell
  • s sub-shell
  • f sub-shell


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