The Great Gatsby: Chapter Two

A quiz on chapter two of The Great Gatsby.

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1. What do Tom and Myrtle fight about?

  • Him mentioning Gatsby
  • Her mentioning Daisy
  • Him mentioning Daisy
  • Her mentioning Gatsby
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2. How are Myrtle and Daisy similar?

  • They both throw private parties
  • They are both incredibly in love with Tom
  • They both care about appearances and material possessions
  • They both are alcoholics

3. Who is on the advertisement in the Valley Of Ashes?

  • T. J. Eckleburg
  • Dan Cody
  • Jordan Baker
  • Gatsby

4. Where do the Wilson's live?

  • East Egg
  • New York
  • The Valley Of Ashes
  • West Egg

5. Who is George Wilson?

  • Myrtle's boyfriend
  • Myrtle's brother
  • Myrtle's husband
  • Myrtle's roommate


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