The French Constitution of 1791

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1. Louis' powers under the Constitution did NOT include....

  • Ability to choose members of the Assembly
  • Suspensive Veto
  • A Civil List
  • Ability to Choose own ministers
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2. Who was in charge of handling and storing money under the Constitution?

  • The Legislative Assembly
  • The National Assembly
  • The National Treasury
  • The Municipal Council

3. Which was NOT guaranteed under the reforms of the Legal System?

  • The Right to a public Judgement
  • The Right to refuse arrest.
  • The Right to appear in court within 24 hours
  • The Right to a Lawyer

4. What did the Religious Reforms include under the Constitution?

  • The destruction of all Catholic Churches
  • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  • The construction of 30 synagogues
  • The Construction of the Sacre Couer

5. What replaced the specialised courts of the Ancient Regime, under the Legal System Reform?

  • 7 different courts, each for different professions
  • Local versions of the Parlement
  • A Tribunal System
  • Louis' own judgement


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