The French Constitution of 1791

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1. What replaced Generalities under the Local Government reforms of the Constitution?

  • 43 Sections of equal size
  • 83 Departments of equal size
  • 83 Councils of equal numbers
  • 43 Regions of varying size
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2. Which was NOT a direct tax under the Financial Reforms of the Constitution?

  • Bedroom Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Land Tax
  • Commerce / Trade Tax

3. Who formed the Constitution of 1791?

  • Louis XVI
  • The Clergy
  • The Bourgeoisie
  • The Nobles

4. Louis' powers under the Constitution did NOT include....

  • Ability to Choose own ministers
  • Suspensive Veto
  • Ability to choose members of the Assembly
  • A Civil List

5. Why did the Pope condemn the revolution?

  • He didn't condemn the revolution and supported the new constitution.
  • It was no longer his job to appoint and remove Bishops and Clergymen
  • He feared the rise of Judaism and Atheism.
  • He disagreed with the treatment of Louis and Marie Antoinette


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