The First World War

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1. In August 1915 there were

  • 1 million dead, prisoners or wounded
  • 2 million dead, prisoners or wounded
  • 2 million dead or widowed
  • 2 million held captive by the Germans
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2. How did the people feel about the war when it began?

  • They did not have an opinion
  • They did not know it had begun
  • They supported it
  • They did not support it

3. What were the people forced to do because of the war?

  • Never speak of it in public
  • Pay higher taxes
  • Take days off work
  • Teach 'war classes' at school

4. Where did Russia manage to drive the Germans back

  • Berlin
  • Moscow
  • Gumbinnen
  • Petrograd

5. Why did the Tsarina come under suspicion

  • She did not support the war effort
  • She was German and listened to Rasputin
  • She waved the Austria-Hungary flag
  • She went abroad


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