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2. What is a functionalist sociologist?

  • Someone who thinks that the only one of becoming a member of society is to go through the process of socialisation.
  • Someone who believes that Parts we play in society, each role has its own roles which tells us how we should act in that role.
  • It is someone who thinks that society has roles to fulfill in order that society can survive as a whole.
  • A man with main responsibilities for domestic tasks & childcare.

3. What is the dark side of the family?

  • A situation where women combine the responsiblities of paid work with their mother/housewife role.
  • A situation where family life damages its members.
  • Harm caused to a child under the age of 18 by an adult.
  • Threatening behaviour, committed by a family member against another.

4. What is conjugal roles?

  • The roles of a husband a wife who are living together.
  • A situation in which family life damages it's members.
  • A family in which conjugal roles are similar but not identical.
  • When a couple set up their own home.

5. What is cohabitation?

  • The way of life of a group of people, which is learned and shared.
  • It is idea's about what is worthwhile and important in a culture.
  • Where people live together without being married.
  • A legally recognised tie between a husband and wife.


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