The Fall of Lloyd George

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1. Why was DLG criticised over Chenak?

  • he did not put his country first
  • he didnt consult the coalition
  • it was a personal cause not a political one
  • it wasn't Britain's place to get involved
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2. Which foreign policy crisis didn't help DLG cause?

  • boer war
  • chenak
  • palestine
  • the treaty of versailles

3. how many seats did labour win in 1922?

  • 144
  • 145
  • 142
  • 143

4. What was the scandal called that accused DLG of selling peerages to finance his own party?

  • People and the Peers Scandal
  • Honours Scandal
  • Home Comfort Sacndal
  • David's Pals Scandal

5. what event triggered a weakness in DLG's relations with the conservatives

  • Bonar Law's resignation
  • Uniting the Liberal party
  • Partitioning Ireland
  • The end of the Great War


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