The failure of the Royalist cause in the first civil war

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1. What did his wife, Henrietta Maria, suggest?

  • Continue attempts to settle with parliament
  • Discontinue attempts to settle with parliament
  • Fight until victory
  • Allow parliament to "win"
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2. Why were "clubmen" more partial towards the NMA?

  • Fairfax was a national representative of the "clubmen"
  • The NMA were more likely to include men such as the "clubmen" into their army than the Royalist army
  • NMA were closer to winning the war and Fairfax was willing to negotiate
  • The NMA supported local causes financially and socially

3. How many arsenals did parliament hold?

  • One; the Tower of London
  • Two; the Tower of London and Portsmouth
  • Three; the Tower of London, Hull and Portsmouth
  • Two; the Tower of London and Hull

4. What disturbed Royalist supporters about this alliance with the Irish?

  • Charles's willingness to allow Catholic troops arms in England
  • Charles's willingness to talk to Catholics
  • Charles's willingness to allow Catholics into England
  • Charles's willingness to be friends with Catholics

5. Who was defeated at Marston Moor? When was it?

  • Royalists defeated; July 1644
  • Royalists defeated; May 1644
  • Parliament defeated; July 1644
  • Parliament defeated; May 1644


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