The executive

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1. What did the 22nd amendment mean for the presidency?

  • The president can only serve two terms
  • The vice president takes over if the president dies
  • The president can issue executive orders
  • The head of the OMB must be confirmed by the Senate
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2. The executive branch of government is...

  • A fused executive
  • A cabinet executive
  • A presidential executive
  • A bureaucratic executive

3. When is the presidency most strong?

  • In a UN meeting
  • In the last year of his presidency
  • In times of crisis
  • In a government shutdown

4. How often is a presidential election held?

  • Every 6 years
  • Every 4 years
  • Every 5 years
  • Every 2 years

5. Who is the biggest constraint of presidential power?

  • Media
  • Public opinion
  • Congress
  • The Supreme Court


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