The evolutionary explanations of sleep

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1. AO1: Herbivores eat food with low nutrient content so have to eat more. Carnivores eat food with a high nutrient content so don't have to eat as often. This effects how long they can sleep for. This refers to which evolutionary explanation?

  • Foraging Requirements
  • Predator Avoidance
  • Waste of Time
  • Energy Conservation
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2. AO2: Zepellin an Rechtstaffen (1974) found that small animals with a higher metabolic rate sleep more than large animals. This supports?

  • the foraging requirements explanation
  • the energy conservation explanation
  • the predator avoidance explanation
  • the waste of time explanation

3. AO2: general support for the evolutionary approach comes from who that found mammals with similar genes have similar sleep patterns

  • Meddis (1975)
  • Capellini (2008)
  • Siegel (2008)
  • Horne (1998)

4. AO2: Capellini (2008) looked at previous studies with standardised procedures and found that smaller animals with higher metabolic rates sleep less. This could be due to?

  • wanting to avoid predators
  • Foraging requirements
  • wanting to conserve energy
  • wanting to waste time

5. AO1: Sleep ensures animals stay still when they have nothing else to do. Sleeping more is the best way to pass on genes due to it being safer to be asleep.This refers to which evolutionary explanation?

  • Waste of Time
  • Foraging Requirements
  • Predator Avoidance
  • Energy Conservation


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