The eruption of Nyiragongo, Africa

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1. what was another secondary effect?

  • 164,059 house holds left without electricity
  • Infrastructure repair bill was aprox £100 billion
  • Diseases like cholera were a real risk
  • 46,027 buildings were destroyed
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2. what were the primary effects?

  • Homes roads and pipes were destroyed causing explosions killing 45 people
  • 8 hospitals destroyed and 22 damaged - 230,000 died
  • Clean and fresh water on short supply 2 million homes without electricity
  • Every tree within a km radius of the blast zone was destroyed

3. Which of these were secondary effects?

  • half a million people fled to neighbouring are Rwanda to escape the lava - they had to cope without electricity shelter and clean water
  • Death of all fish and the loss of 250km of salmon and trout rivers
  • 12% of total crops were ruined by settling dust
  • 500,000 people still sleeping rough when the rainy season started

4. What were the responses ?

  • one year on 3,000 temporary tent schools set up
  • Water had to be supplied in tankers, aid agencies inclding Christian aid and oxfam were involved in the distribution of medicine ,food and blankets
  • One year on and 80% of the port was functioning
  • Delays in aid led to conflict and violence

5. Most destruction was caused by

  • Lava travelling at 60 kph
  • a landslide Wiping out everything north in a 27km radius
  • an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale
  • A conservative plate margin leading to an earthquake


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