The Erl-King quotes

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The woods...
The woods enclose
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The wood...
The wood swallows you up
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Erl-king will do you grevious harm
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She will be...
She will be trapped in her own illusion
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He came...
He came alive from the desire of the woods
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He knows...
He knows all about the woods and the creatures in it
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He said the...
He said the owl was a baker's daughter; then he smiled at me
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The little...
The little cages in which he keeps his singing birds
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A wall...
A wall of trapped birds
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He is...
He is an excellent housewife
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I lay...
I lay at the mercy of his huge hands
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He is ...
He is like a tender butcher who showed me how the price of flesh is love
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I am...
I am not afraid of him
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We are...
We are like two halves of a seed - then i could lodge inside your body and you would bear me
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I loved...
I loved him with all my heart and yet i had no wish to join the whistling congregation
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Mother, mother you have murdered me
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The wood...


The wood swallows you up

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She will be...


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He came...


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