The Emergence of the Emigres In the French Revolution

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1. How did the army improve because of the growth in the number of emigres?

  • There was less conflict between monarchist and republicans within the army
  • The Extremist generals left the army meaning fewer soldiers were intimidated by military radicalism
  • Officers left France allowing rapid promotion of talented men to leading positions
  • There was a significant growth in men joining the army to defend France from foreign armies
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2. Why did the rich members of the bourgeoisie leave France?

  • They feared for their lives and property
  • They feared they would be excluded from the Constitution
  • They feared a coup d'etat by the Jacobins
  • They knew that the middle classes didn't have to pay tax in Austria and Prussia

3. Which important figure was among the first emigres to leave France in 1789?

  • The Comte d'Artois (the King's Brother)
  • Marie Antoinette (the King's wife)
  • Leopold (the Austrian Emperor)
  • The Abbe Sieyes

4. What did many emigres join or support?

  • The Counter-Revolution
  • The Constitutional Movement
  • The Republican Movement
  • The Feuillants

5. Why did Noblemen leave France?

  • The Duke of Orleans had encouraged nobility to leave in a popular journal
  • They were being targeted by Jacobin supporters in Southern France and Paris
  • They had lost their privileges and felt unsafe
  • They wanted to join a absolute monarchy elsewhere in Europe


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