The Emergence of the Emigres In the French Revolution

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1. Why did Noblemen leave France?

  • The Duke of Orleans had encouraged nobility to leave in a popular journal
  • They had lost their privileges and felt unsafe
  • They wanted to join a absolute monarchy elsewhere in Europe
  • They were being targeted by Jacobin supporters in Southern France and Paris
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2. Which members of the clergy were most likely to leave France?

  • Refractory Priests - those who had not taken the oath
  • The parish priests who felt hard done by in the Catholic wage system
  • Priests who had taken the oath to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  • Parish priests who felt intimidated by the Bishops and Abbotts

3. Which important figure was among the first emigres to leave France in 1789?

  • The Abbe Sieyes
  • Marie Antoinette (the King's wife)
  • The Comte d'Artois (the King's Brother)
  • Leopold (the Austrian Emperor)

4. Who made up the majority of the emigres?

  • Serfs and Seigneurs
  • The Second Estate
  • The Third Estate and Clergy
  • The Second Estate and the Clergy

5. Which area was most active in rejecting the authority and reforms of the government?

  • Provincial Normandy
  • The Vendee
  • Paris
  • Marseilles


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