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2. What effect did the Emancipation have on domestic serfs?

  • They were not allowed their own cottage and land
  • They were liberated and did not have to pay obrok
  • They were emancipated like farmer serfs, with the same restrictions
  • They were liberated and no longer tied to the Mir

3. At what price did nobles sell their land to peasants?

  • up to 90% above market price
  • 50% above market price
  • what it was worth
  • 20% below market price

4. When was serfdom introduced to Russia?

  • 1686
  • 1765
  • 1649
  • 1538

5. Who said the Emancipation was "the single greatest liberating measure in the whole history of Europe"?

  • E Acton
  • M S Anderson
  • E H Carr


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