The Eden Project. Rebranding

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1. Define the word stakeholder

  • Someone who pays for the project
  • Someone who owns the project
  • Someone who has invested in a project emotionally or financially
  • Someone who orders medium rare but gets rare instead
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2. What stakeholder helped to fund this project?

  • The ACGH company
  • The local trees and plants movement
  • EU objective one funding
  • The council for national parks

3. How many visitors does the Eden project have in 2012?

  • 560,000
  • 600,000
  • 900,000
  • 120,000

4. Why was the Eden project built?

  • In a bid to make sure teenagers of Cornwall have somewhere to go to avoid vandalism
  • To rebrand Cornwall as it is greatly deprived due to second homes and seasonal jobs
  • To keep endangered species of plants and animals from extinction
  • The Cornish government thought it would be nice

5. What is a negative for the local people?

  • The project blocks the view
  • Traffic congestion, high ticket prices
  • People keep stealing the plants from the biomes
  • Lack of interesting plants still present in the real country side


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