The Early Revolutions 1820-31

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Which was the first revolution?
In Naples
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When was this?
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What had King Ferdinand II done to contribute to the causes?
Increase church power
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What did he reduce?
Freedom of speech
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He also reduced spending on what two things?
Education and roads
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Causing people to feel?
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A rebellion was struck, how many members of the Carbonari were there?
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Any other assistance?
From the army
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However, the government troops lacked?
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Ferdinand granted what?
A constitution
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Who got involved in order to crush the revolts?
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What happened when the Austrian army entered Naples?
They restored the king to his throne
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What three things were carried out that were common?
Executions, arrests and imprisonments
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When was the Sicilian revolution?
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What was the cause for Sicilians revolting?
Wanting independence from Naples
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What did the revolutionaries take over?
The city
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Offices were..
Burnt down
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The governer was forced to..
Go home
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How was this revolution defeated?
Austria defeated Sicily once they assissted with Naples
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The last revolution of the 20's, 1821 to be exact, which state was it?
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The main reason for their uprising was due to Victor Emmanuel I, what was wrong with him?
He was very reactionary
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Which town in Piedmont was taken by revolutionaries?
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What did they proclaim?
A 'Kingdom of Italy'
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Who did they declare war on?
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They forced Victor Emmanuel to do what?
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Which individual did revolutionaries now look to?
Charles Albert (second in line)
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BUT, who was the legitimate air to the throne?
Charles Felix
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Following this, Albert was denounced so he..?
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The revolution wasn't a success, how did they fail?
Austrian troops supported Felix and they defeated the rebels
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Which revolution occurred in 1831?
Parma and Modena's
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The main reason they began revolting was because they were influenced by..
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What was the name of the student who led the revolution?
Enrico Misley
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What happened to him?
He was betrayed and imprisoned 2 days before his uprising began
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What was set up?
A provisional government
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How did this revolution end?
The Duke negotiated with Austria and they defeated the rebels
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When was the Papal States' revolution?
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What was the main cause?
Professional classes who despised the church's tough rules
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There was little..
Resistance from the Papal army
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A p______ g______ was set up.
Provisional government
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The consequence of this war?
Austria defeated the rebels
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When was this?



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What had King Ferdinand II done to contribute to the causes?


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What did he reduce?


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He also reduced spending on what two things?


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