The early atmosphere

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1. Today the Earths atmospherehas much less than 1% carbon dioxide and has more than 21% oxygen this means that?

  • Carbin dioxide has been removed from the atmosphereand oxygen has been added to the atmosphere.
  • Todays oxygen has been removed from the atmosphere and carbon dioxide has been added
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2. How was carbon dioxide removed from the Earths early atmosphere?

  • it got replaced by the oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide dissolved in then oceans and marine organisms used the dissolved carbon dioxide to make calcium carbonate for shells and the shells of the dead marine organisms fall to the sea bed and become part of the sediment.
  • It disappeared

3. What can add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere?

  • Burning fossil fuels and deforestation
  • farming and breathing

4. Why can't scientists be certain about the form of the early atmosphere?

  • There were no humans around so we must use clues.
  • Scientists don't know much about the early atmosphere
  • Scientists don't understand the early atmosphere and need evidence.
  • They are different theories

5. The Earths early atmosphere was formed by gases produced from what?

  • Plants
  • Volcanoes
  • Clouds


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