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2. How does oxygen get added to our atmosphere?

  • The Earth cools and oceans form.Forms of life evolve in the oceans and photosynethesis begins.Oxygen builds up in the oceans.Oxygen builds up in the atmosphere.
  • The volcanoes gave out oxygen.

3. The Earths early atmosphere did not contain what?

  • Water Vapour
  • Oxygen
  • Volcanoes
  • Carbon dioxide

4. Why can't scientists be certain about the form of the early atmosphere?

  • They are different theories
  • There were no humans around so we must use clues.
  • Scientists don't understand the early atmosphere and need evidence.
  • Scientists don't know much about the early atmosphere

5. What can add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere?

  • Burning fossil fuels and deforestation
  • farming and breathing


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