The Dumas

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1. In the Third Duma, what happened to the parties?

  • The Rightists grew in popularity and the Kadets became a minority
  • The Kadets grew in popularity and the Nationalists became a minority
  • The Nationalists grew in popularity and the Kadets became a minority
  • The Octobrists grew in popularity and the Rightists became a minority
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2. When was the Second Duma?

  • March to June 1908
  • February to June 1907
  • June to December 1905
  • February to October 1909

3. Which deputies attacked Stolypin under the Second Duma?

  • left-wing
  • right-wing

4. Which party membership halved in the Second Duma?

  • Octobrists
  • Social Revolutionaries
  • Kadets
  • Mensheviks

5. When did the government invoke Article 87?

  • June 1907, after the Second Duma was dissolved
  • June 1906, after the First Duma was dissolved
  • June 1912, after the Third Duma was dissolved
  • August 1914, after the Fourth Duma was dissolved


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