The disruption of biological rhythms

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1. AO2: Fuller et al (2008)....

  • confirmed that fasting and eating at the new time helps reset biological rhythms
  • confirmed that taking melatonin tablets can be remarkably effective but if taken at the wrong time they'll delay the rhythms adaptation
  • confirmed the effectiveness of bright artificial light in adapting circadian rhythms
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2. AO2: Who found that changing shifts every few days makes more problems occur?

  • Knuttson et al (1986)
  • Gold (1992)
  • Tiley and Wilkinson
  • Boivin (1996)

3. AO1: Travelling from East to West causes a?

  • phase advance
  • phase delay

4. AO2: the effects of jet lag could also be due to?

  • low oxygen air
  • travelling is tiring
  • all of the answers
  • because of a lack of sleep the night before

5. AO2: There are other factors that create the effects of shift work. They are:

  • social disruption and the lack of sleep from unusual sleep times
  • the stress of working
  • all of the answers
  • the disruption of the individuals biological rhythms


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