The Decline of the Feuillants and the Rise of the Girondin

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1. Why did talented members of the Feuillant Club turn to the Jacobin Club?

  • They could develop their speaking skills needed in the Legislative Assembly
  • They could develop their ideas in accordance with the Philosophes.
  • They could win the votes of the crowds that attended Jacobin meetings.
  • They could appeal to Louis and royal ministers who attended the meetings.
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2. What did Brissot encourage in the Legislative Assembly?

  • A union between the Girondin and the Jacobins
  • A coup d'état of Prussia's church and state
  • An armed crusade against the monarchs of Europe
  • A run on the banks in Paris and other major cities

3. How did Louis respond to the Legislative Assembly's proposals to pass laws against the emigres?

  • He formed a new ministry to counter-act the proposals
  • He used his suspensive veto to reject them
  • He abdicated and fled to Varennes
  • He appealed to political groups to overthrow the Legislative Assembly

4. Who supported Brissot and his ideas of spreading revolution throughout Europe?

  • Most Legislative Assembly Deputies, most Jacobins and most Parisian clubs
  • Very few Legislative Assembly Deputies, most Jacobins and most ex-nobles
  • Most Legislative Assembly Deputies but no one from external political groups
  • All of the Parisian clubs but only three Legislative Assembly Deputies and two Jacobins

5. Which influential member of the Legislative Assembly became associated with the Girondin?

  • Brissot
  • Jacobin
  • Lafayette
  • Robespierre


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