The Decline of the Feuillants and the Rise of the Girondin

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1. What did the Girondin demand in terms of action?

  • Action against the emigres
  • Action against the National Guard
  • Action against the Republicans
  • Action against the refractory priests
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2. Who supported Brissot and his ideas of spreading revolution throughout Europe?

  • Most Legislative Assembly Deputies, most Jacobins and most Parisian clubs
  • All of the Parisian clubs but only three Legislative Assembly Deputies and two Jacobins
  • Very few Legislative Assembly Deputies, most Jacobins and most ex-nobles
  • Most Legislative Assembly Deputies but no one from external political groups

3. Why didn't the talented speakers like the Feuillant Club?

  • Members could only attend a meeting if they paid a fixed fee
  • Members could only speak at a meeting if they had attended the first meeting
  • The meetings were in private so they couldn't win applause or reputation
  • The meetings were in front of a mass crowd who were often violent to unpopular speakers

4. Which group within the Legislative Assembly promoted the overthrow of European monarchs in other countries?

  • The Girondin
  • No group within the Legislative Assembly
  • The Jacobins
  • The Feuillants

5. Why didn't Robespierre support the idea of a military crusade and promoting revolution abroad?

  • It might result in a military dictatorship in France
  • It might result in Louis returning to his position as Absolute Monarch
  • It gave too much power to the serfs and peasants of foreign countries
  • It was a minor issue compared to that of financial mismanagement and deficit


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