The Decline of the Feuillants and the Rise of the Girondin

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1. Why didn't Robespierre support the idea of a military crusade and promoting revolution abroad?

  • It might result in a military dictatorship in France
  • It was a minor issue compared to that of financial mismanagement and deficit
  • It might result in Louis returning to his position as Absolute Monarch
  • It gave too much power to the serfs and peasants of foreign countries
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2. Which influential member of the Legislative Assembly became associated with the Girondin?

  • Robespierre
  • Jacobin
  • Brissot
  • Lafayette

3. What did Brissot encourage in the Legislative Assembly?

  • A union between the Girondin and the Jacobins
  • An armed crusade against the monarchs of Europe
  • A run on the banks in Paris and other major cities
  • A coup d'état of Prussia's church and state

4. What did the Girondin demand in terms of action?

  • Action against the National Guard
  • Action against the Republicans
  • Action against the emigres
  • Action against the refractory priests

5. Which Feuillant leader was defeated in the election to become mayor of Paris in 1791?

  • Lafayette
  • Petion
  • Brissot
  • Robespierre


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