The Crusades Muslim Authors

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Ali Lbn Tahir al Sulami: Where did he live?
Damascus in the East
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Dates source Written?
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Wanted to rise the Muslims up against the Christian and wanted a unified reaction to the Christian invasion. Linked the reconquest of the Christians in Spain and Sicily; recognized the the threat and wanted a united reaction.
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Context Surrounding that date?
The Christians had just taken over the East, and were consolidating their position; e.g. the taking of Acre in 1104 and Ramla 1102. Wanted to unite the Muslims under Jihad; a religious duty which he believed had been given up on by the Caliphs.
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Saw the Christians as a punishment from God. Schism in the Muslim world; Sunni Muslims against Shi'i
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Personal Background?
A Jurist, lawyer and preacher from Damascus whom preached his ideas from the Great Mosque of Damascus.
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Other Information?
Lacked information on why the Muslims turned up; common of Muslims authors, wasn't within their world view. Lacked information on battles.
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Ilb al-Athir: Where did he live?
Mosul, East
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Dates source written?
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Muslims in ascendancy, looking to gather together for the final push to extricate the Christians.
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Context surrounding the source?
Time of strengthening Muslim position, particularly through the life of Saladin who had destroyed the Christians at Hattin in 1187 and recovered Jerusalem.
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Personal Background?
Eye witness, only to later events as he fought in Saladin's army at the age of 28
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Other information?
Negative against the Franks. Less sympathetic to Saladin than other writers. Seen as the greatest Muslim writer, covering the lives of Nur ad Din, Saladin and Zengi.
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Ilb al-Qalansi: Where did he live?
Damascus in the East
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Dates source written?
throughout his life; an eye witness
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Write a continuation of the History of Damascus until his death in 1160
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Context surrounding that date?
Starts with the First Crusade, accounting the Muslim reaction to that and then the changing attitudes throughout the 12th century. We thus see the hardening reactions to the long term stay of the Christians until 1160.
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Personal Background?
23 in 1096 when the crusaders first arrived. Arab nobleman and polititcian; educated in law, literature and theology, later became head of the Chancery of Damascus, twice mayor of the city. Thus focuses on Damascus and its neighbor, Jerusalem.
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Eye witness- one of the first Muslim accounts and came the basis to many others. Particularly unique in the way it traces the hardening feelings of Muslims to the Christians and the eventual unification of the Muslim people up to Nur ad-Din.
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Other information?
Lacks information as to why the Christians turned up; common of Muslim accounts as this wasn't within their world view. Lacks information on Battles. Provides an interesting view on the persecution of the Jews during the storming of Jerusalem.
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Usama Lbn Munqidh: where did he live?
Damscus in the East
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Dates source written?
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To present an account of his own life. His writing is a book of instruction an amusement-not strictly an autobiography. We therefore can question the reliability; his book is full of anecdotes from his life.
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Context surrounding the date?
Living through a large period of Crusader history, he can tell us much on the Muslim-Christian relations, which on numerous points he shows to be actually quite co operative. He is saved by the Templars when praying in the Temple.
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attacked by a newcomer to the East
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Personal background?
Emire of Shaiza who travelled to Cairo, Damascus and Jerusalem-clearly received privileged treatment. Contact between different groups thus makes his account important on Muslim-Christina relations.
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