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2. Which formula is correct - Cost =

  • No. of Units x Price of Units
  • No. of Units x 2(Price of Units)

3. Which are the measurements of energy?

  • Power
  • Units
  • Units & kWh
  • kWh

4. Power is usually measure in what?

  • Just watts (w)
  • Just joules (j)
  • Watts (w) or Kilowatts (kW)
  • Energy

5. Which formula is correct to work out - No. of Units (kWh) used =

  • Power (in kW) x Time (in seconds)
  • Time (in kW) x Power (in seconds)
  • Power (in kW) x Time (in hours)
  • Power (in J) x Time (in hours)


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