The Constitutional Framework of US Government

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1. Define Codified Constitution

  • When the constitution has a singular source in a written document which is entrenched.
  • When the constitution has multiple sources and is not written down in one document or entrenched.
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2. The four stages of federalism, pick the correct order.

  • Creative, Dual, New and Cooperative
  • New, Dual, Cooperative and Creative
  • Dual, Cooperative, Creative and New
  • Cooperative, Creative, Dual and New

3. Which one of these isn't a key principle of the US Constitution?

  • Republicanism
  • Federalism
  • Scrutiny
  • Seperation of Powers

4. How many amendments have been proposed?

  • 5500
  • 11000
  • 8000
  • 90

5. The Formal Amendment Process requires 3/4 majority in Congress and 2/3 majority at State level.

  • False
  • True


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