The Cognitive model of abnormality and treatments

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1. In the ABC model what does C stand for?

  • Consequence: rational beliefs produce adaptive consequences (more revision in the future) whereas irrational beliefs produce maladaptive consquences (getting depressed)
  • Activating event: for example, a failed exam
  • Belief: about why the event occured, this may be rational ( I didn't study enough) or irrational ( I'm too stupid to pass exams)
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2. What is the Cognitive Triad?

  • A series of automatic, negative thoughts linked to life
  • A series of automatic, negative thoughts linked to depression
  • A series of automatic, positive thoughts linked to depression

3. What are other examples of cognitive therapies?

  • Hardiness Training and Stress Innoculation Training
  • Hardiness Training and Yates' Theory
  • Stress Innoculatuon Training and ABC Model

4. Who created the ABC model?

  • Ellis
  • Tizard
  • Heston

5. Who discovered the Cognitive Triad?

  • Beck
  • Ellis
  • Heston



thanks. This was very helpful. :)

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