The Civil Rights Movement- The Montgomery Bus Boycott

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1. What was so significant about the protest?

  • Showed power of African Americans
  • Rosa Parks led the protest
  • Showed that they were just being a nuisance
  • Showed that the president was worried about civil rights
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2. Who was the name of the black woman who wouldn't give up her seat for a white person?

  • Mary Pickford
  • Rosa Parks
  • Betty Friedan
  • Elizabeth Eckford

3. What happened to Rosa Parks

  • She was arrested
  • Executed
  • She was given a warning
  • Given a fine

4. What did civil rights activists do in a protest?

  • Made leaflets and brochures about their groups and what they wanted
  • Boycotted public transport
  • Sat in front of buses and other forms of public transport so that they couldn't get past
  • Began riots
  • Sent letters to the president demanding something be done

5. Which civil rights group was Parks an activist in?

  • CORE
  • SCLC
  • SNCC


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