The Catering Industry & Food Service

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1. If food is brought to where you are sitting after a waiter or waitress has taken your order it is what type of service?

  • Table Service
  • Counter Service
  • Mobile Catering
  • Self-Catering
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2. Catering Establishments that also offer accommodation are classified as what?

  • Charity
  • Residential
  • Profit Making
  • Hotels

3. As well as being classified as a Fast Food Establishment, McDonald's could also be described as what type of service?

  • Gueridon System
  • Counter Service
  • A Buffet
  • Table Service

4. Where should the wine glass be placed?

  • Right
  • Left

5. Food that is presented so that the customers can help themselves from a ready prepared selection on a table is called what?

  • Partial-Service Catering
  • A Buffet
  • Self-Service


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