The Butcher's Shop

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1. How could this text be linked to Text 6 (Chocolate)?

  • Relishing chocolate vs being disgusted by meat
  • Persuasive
  • Nostalgic memories associated with food
  • Simple vs luxurious
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2. What type of word is "your"?

  • Common noun
  • Personal pronoun
  • Stative verb
  • Abstract noun

3. How does this poem NOT link to Text 9 (John Torode)?

  • Simple vs luxurious
  • What we should/shouldn't eat
  • Persuasive

4. What kind of expression is "white apron stained"?

  • Mimesis
  • Metaphor
  • Similie
  • Declarative sentence

5. What is the double meaning behind "open-mouthed"?

  • The pigs are screaming and literally have open mouths
  • The pigs are literally open mouthed and shocked at brutality
  • The pigs are in pain and literally have open mouths
  • The pigs are gasping for air and literally have open mouths


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