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2. What type of word is "your"?

  • Stative verb
  • Personal pronoun
  • Abstract noun
  • Common noun

3. What does "white apron stained" represent?

  • How the butcher has been damaged by his profession
  • How the butcher has bad morals
  • How the butcher is damaging children's innocence
  • How the butcher is dirty

4. Why is this poem likely to provoke a strong reaction from the audience?

  • It suggests meat eaters are bad people
  • It suggests that Christians should not eat meat
  • It suggests that eating meat could be harmful to health
  • It suggests that animals are the same as people

5. What effect does the use of "your" have on the reader?

  • It speaks directly to them and makes them complicit in the slaughter
  • It draws them in
  • It incites anger
  • It makes them feel guilty


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