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His strange, heavy, almost...
waxen face
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The weight of his desire was...
a force I might not withstand
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I sensed in myself a potentiality...
for corruption that took my breath away
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His castle that lay on the...
very bosom of the sea
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Enough! No; ____!
Enough! No; more!
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Have the nasty pictures...
scared baby?
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I clung to him as though only the one who had...
inflicted the pain could comfort me for suffering it
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I was not afraid of him, but...
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The secret of Pandora's box; but...
he had given me the box
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The atrocious loneliness of...
that monster!
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The puppet master saw...
his dolls break free of their strings
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You never saw such a wild...
thing as my mother
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the savage, indifferent sea, like...
the witnesses of a furious justice
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The road is white and unmarked as a spilled...
bolt of bridal satin
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His Beauty, his girl-child, his ___
His Beauty, his girl-child, his pet
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A constant human presence would...
remind him too bitterly of his otherness
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Miss Lamb, spotless, _______
Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial
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Yet she stayed, and smiled, because...
her father wanted her to do so
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All the natural laws of the world were...
held in suspension, here
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Yet still his strangeness...
made her shiver
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Women whom circumstances force...
mutely to witness folly
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Always the...
pretty one
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He would far rather drop...
down on all fours
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My father said he loved me yet...
he staked his daughter on a hand of cards
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I have lost my pearl, my pearl...
beyond price
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I ***** my finger and so he gets his rose...
all smeared with blood
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I let out a raucous guffar; no...
young lady laughs like that
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I was a young girl, a virgin, and therefore...
men denied me rationality
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The tiger will never lie down with...
the lamb
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The lamb must learn...
to run with the tigers
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He will ______ you up
He will gobble you up
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The key to a peaceable kingdom in which...
his appetite need not be my extinction
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He was far more frightened of...
me than I was of him
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Women are more keenly tuned...
to the sweet music of their bodies
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I must and will...
have her forever
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"I'm burning with the fever of love!" "Then we're...
spared the expense of fires"
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Down on the carpet since...
the bed is occupe
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Her turn at...
the grind
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The old buffoon briskly bundled...
in his coffin and buried
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So may all your wives, if you need them, be...
rich and pretty
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All your husbands, if you want them, be...
young and virile
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The woods...
swallow you up
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Erl-King will do you...
grievous harm
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Then I could lodge inside your body and...
you would bear me
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His touch both...
consoles and devastates me
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His embracements were...
his enticements
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With hands as gentle as rain, I shall...
strangle him with them
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Mid-winter- invincible, ________
Mid-winter- invincible, immaculate
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White skin, red mouth, black hair and...
stark naked
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She was the child of his desire and...
the Countess hated her
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Pricks her finger on the thorn...
bleeds; screams; falls
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thrust his virile member...
into the dead girl
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Watched him _______
Watched him narrowly
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Then the girl began...
to melt
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Cracked mirror suspended from a wall does not...
reflect a presence
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Her beauty is an...
abnormality, a deformity
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A white lace neglige...
stained a little with blood
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Huge, spiked wall that...
incarcerates her
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Delicious crunch of...
the fragile bones
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But now she is a woman, she must...
have men
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A certain deslate stillness of her eyes...
indicates she is inconsolable
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She shakes, she _______
She shakes, she trembles
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He himself is immune to shadow, due...
to his virginity
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He will learn to shudder in the trenches. But...
this girl cannot make him shudder
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It is dinner-time. It is...
bed time
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I shall cure her...
of all these nightmares
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Take your father's hunting knife; you...
know how to use it
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Scabby coat of...
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Any footsteps that might have...
been upon it were obscured
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Now the child lived in her...
grandmother's house; she prospered
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The sensible girl dried her eyes and found herself...
another husband
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She is an _______ ____
She is an unbroken egg
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She is a sealed...
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The forest closed upon her like...
a pair of jaws
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Card 2


a force I might not withstand


The weight of his desire was...

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for corruption that took my breath away


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very bosom of the sea


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Card 5


Enough! No; more!


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