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Phenotypes are not
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Phenotypes are
physical characteristics that you have such as shoe size, eye colour
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Genotypes are
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They are
allelles you have like eye colour, certain diseases
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Alleles are
an alternate form of a gene found at the same position on a chromosome
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2 genetic disorders
Polydactyly, cystic fibrosis
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extra fingers or toes, caused by a dominent allele, can be passed on from one parent
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Cystic fibrosis
Affects cell membranes, caused by a recessive gene- ff means you have it, Ff means you don't but you're a carrier. Must be inherited from both parents.
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Veins carry what type of blood
deoxygenated. They carry blood TO the heart. Have valves to stop back flow of blood. Flows at a low pressure
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Arteries carry
oxygenated blood. Carry blood AWAY from the heart. No valves so more pressure. Flows at a high pressure.
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connect the veins and the arteries. Have a low BP and allow for the exchange of materials
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What is glucagon
a hormone which converts glycogen into glucose (when blood sugar levels are too low)
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4 adaptations of cells in the small intestine
Large SA, thin lining, good blood supply, moist lining
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True or false: Active transport moves molecules using transport proteins.
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Solute molecules move out of the cell by osmosis.
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In osmosis, water moves from a dilute to a concentrated solution.
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Dilute solution contains
more water than sugar
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A concentrated solution contains
more sugar than water
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Water is the
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Sugar is the
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The cytoplasm contains a high
concentration of salts and sugars
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If the concentration of the outside of the cell is different to that of the inside then
osmosis occurs
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If the cytoplasm is too concentrated the water moves .... which .....
in, restores balance
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Cells can burst as well as shrinking. This means the cell can no longer
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In plants, water moves into the plant cells by
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This causes the vacuole to
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When the pressure is at it's maximum the cell is
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supports the plant
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If the solution outside of the plant is more concentrated then the cell's content
then the water will move out of the cells which won't support the plan t
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Phenotypes are


physical characteristics that you have such as shoe size, eye colour

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Genotypes are


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They are


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Alleles are


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