The Biological model of abnormality and treatments

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1. What did Gottesman discover?

  • Having an identical twin with Schizophrenia gave you a 48% chance of getting the disease, this reduced to 17% in non-identical twins
  • 5/47 of the children whose biological mothers had Schizophrenia developed the disease as opposed to 0/45 in the control group
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2. Which piece of research supportd Gottesman's study?

  • Palmer's study into adoption
  • Heston's study into adoption
  • Heaton's study into adoption

3. What are the weaknesses or the biological model?

  • Biological therapies raise ethical concerns for example, drugs can produce addiction and only supress the symptoms also psychological therapies can be just as effective and psychological disorders may not all be linked to physical causes
  • It has a strong scientific basis, it can be seen as ethical as it doesn't blame people for their disorders and biological therapies have helped relieve conditions that were hard to treat previously

4. What is meant by the biological therapy: ECT

  • Electro-Convulsive Therapy in which an electric shock is administered to the brain, it can help to relieve depression
  • Drugs can be used to change neurotransmitter levels in the brain for example, phenothiazines reduce levels of Dopamine and thus relieve the symptoms of Schizophrenia
  • Brain surgery involving destruction or seperation of parts of the brain for example the frontol lobotomy which helps to reduce aggresion

5. What has much of the research surronding the biological model been done on?

  • Sets of twins to attempt to establish a genetic basis for Schizophrenia
  • Sets of friends to establish a genetic basis for Schizophrenia


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