The biological approach in psychology

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1. A limitation of the approach is

  • It is reductionist as it explains behaviour and thought processes in terms of the actions of nerves and chemicals
  • it supports the nature side of the debate
  • it is scientific so is hard to disprove
  • many useful applications
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2. Selective breeding is...

  • a type of breeding which occurs in specific animals
  • a new form of reproduction
  • The artificial selection of male and female animals for a particular trait
  • Naturally evolved species

3. A strength of the approach is

  • it uses scientific experimental procedures in its investigations
  • It is reductionist
  • It supports the nurture side
  • It is known by many people

4. what did Bock and Goode study

  • Selective breeding
  • Violent and aggressive mice
  • Intellegence
  • cats

5. Outline 1 assumption of the biological approach in psychology

  • behaviour and thought processes do not have an innate biological bais
  • behaviour is learnt
  • Human characteristics e.g intelligence are due to our genetic make-up
  • people are the same a computers


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