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What is the main focus of the Behaviorist Approach?
All behaviors are learnt through our experiences in life. Some of these behaviours are maladaptive which makes the individual abnroaml
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How are abnormal behaviours learnt?
Classical and operant conditioning or social learning
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Explain: Classical Conditioning
Learning occurs through association. During experiments they would find an unconditioned stimulus with no response and pair it with a neutral response which results in a stimulus repsonse link
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What is the equation for classical conditioning?
Unconditioned stimulus + Neutral stimulus = Conditioned repsonse
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Explain 'Little Albert'
They used a little boy (Albert) who was not scared of a mouse, they began sounding a loud noise when he touched the mouse, in the end when he saw the mouse he became fearful
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Explain: Operant Conditioning
Learning occurs through Reinforcement. Positive reinforcement= probability of repition increases, Punishment= probability of repitiion decreases, Negative Reinforcement= increases probability of repitition
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What is negative reinforcement?
It takes away the negative aspect of the situation (e.g. medicene)
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Explain: Social Learning
Behaviours are learnt by seeing others rewarded and punished
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Name 3 strenghts of the Behaviourist Approach-
Its universally relative, it overcomes the issue of labelling someone as abnnormal, it is a scientific approahc
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Name 3 weaknesses of the Behaviourist Approach-
Unethical, its a reductionist view (limited view of complex behaviours), ingnores cause only focus' on symptoms
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Name 3 Behaviourist treatments-
Systematic De-sensisation, flooding and aversion therapy
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How does Systematic De-Sensitisation work?
A counter-conditioning procedure, based on Recipricol inhibition (replacing fear with relaxation) client is taught how to relax, they work on de-sensitisation heirarchy and then move up heirarchy
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How does flooding work?
Often used with phobias, client is presented with feared stimuli without escape root, works because high levels of anxiety cannot be sustained
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What are the strengths of the behaviourist treatments?
Systematic Desensitiation is very effective, they are quick and require less effort
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What are the limitations of the behaviourist treatments?
Symptom substitution, ethical issues, one critic said that SD might not be effective treating anxiety that have underlying evolutionary survival component
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How are abnormal behaviours learnt?


Classical and operant conditioning or social learning

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Explain: Classical Conditioning


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What is the equation for classical conditioning?


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Explain 'Little Albert'


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