The Acharnians and Telephus


1. How does Aristophanes parody Telephus' honesty in the Acharnians?

  • Dikaiopolis puts his head on an execution block when telling the truth just as Telephus does
  • Dikaiopolis gives a speech about how Telephus was actually a liar despite his honest presentation
  • Dikaiopolis sacrifices his daughters to illustrate his honesty, just as Telephus sacrifices his son
  • Dikaiopolis repeats the truth again and again to mock the repetitive language in Telephus
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2. What were Greek Comedies based on?

  • Future Events and Outcomes
  • Contemporary events
  • Spartan Legend
  • Greek Mythology

3. Who was Euripides?

  • A Tragic Playwright
  • A prominent pro-war politician
  • A Comic Playwright
  • Aristophanes' Brother who was a playwright

4. What kind of a play is Telephus?

  • A Greek Comedy
  • A Political Tragedy
  • A Greek Tragedy
  • A Roman Tragedy

5. How does Aristophanes parody the costume in Euripides' play, Telephus?

  • Dikaiopolis dresses as a young tanner like Telephus does at the end of the play when he addresses the audience
  • Dikaiopolis constantly changes his costume to mock the constant costume changes in Telephus
  • Dikaiopolis disguised himself as a beggar to make the chorus pity him, like Telephus disguised himself to seek Achillies.
  • Dikaiopolis pretends to buy blood-stained clothes just as Telephus does to make him look like a murderer


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