The 1st Crusade short exam questions

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1. Why were the Seljuk Turks unable to resist the 1st Crusade

  • They beat the Byzantine Empire at Manzikert
  • They had taken over the Abbasids' domain
  • They had taken over a very large area
  • They were attracted to the Crusaders
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2. Why did Emperor Alexios receive help from the west

  • He asked for it and the Pope responded
  • The west wanted to take control of his Empire
  • He was greedy but he couldn't take over on his own
  • He didn't get any help from the west, it was the East

3. Why did Pope Urban call the 1st Crusade

  • to promise not to kill the king
  • To assert his authority
  • To heal a conflict
  • To help a friend in need

4. Why was Byzantium important in Pope Urban 2nd's decision to call the 1st Crusade at Clermont 1095?

  • Alexios pleaded for help because he was dieing
  • The Byzantine Empire was being attacked from all sides and gradually shrinking
  • Great Schism between Catholic church and the Holy Roman Empire
  • Pope Urban wanted to take over Byzantium

5. One reason why the knights went on the 1st Crusade

  • They wanted to escape England because of the famine and diseases
  • They wanted to get rich quick
  • To gain a full indulgence when they got there
  • They were told to go by their wives


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