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2. Who summarized the aims of the Conservative government of the late 1980s as having the intention 'for the state to stop being both the funder AND the provider of services'?

  • Tilley
  • Brooks
  • Le Grand
  • Hills

3. Who says that people volunteer due to altruism enforced by market subordination?

  • Marshall
  • Titmuss
  • Daly
  • Wilkinson

4. What percentage of GDP was public social spending by 1996-7?

  • 15.8%
  • 23.7%
  • 25.1%
  • 30.2%

5. In which government was 'the relationship between the state and individuals (was) seen as one where citizens' rights were matched by responsibilities'?

  • Cameron
  • Blair
  • Major
  • Thatcher


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