The Victims of Crime-positivist

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1. Christie argues that the 'victim' is socially constructed so...

  • the idea of the victim has blame
  • the streotype of the 'ideal victim' is an innocent and blameless
  • the idea of the victim is mad
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2. Brrokman notes, importance victim offender relationship and in homocides who becomes the victim by chabce supporting

  • walklate
  • woolfgang
  • christie

3. Wolfgang looked at.... homosides in ....

  • 233 & philly
  • 588 & phelodelphelia
  • 600 and kentucky

4. miers victimology helps produce patterns of victims

  • which makes more groups more/ less likely to be victims
  • which makes everyone more likely to be victims

5. who identified characteristics of victims, elderly, females

  • Miers
  • Hentig
  • Durkheim
  • Christie


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