The Victims of Crime-positivist

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1. Christie argues that the 'victim' is socially constructed so...

  • the streotype of the 'ideal victim' is an innocent and blameless
  • the idea of the victim is mad
  • the idea of the victim has blame
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2. early positivists believed that there was

  • psychological differences that make them more vulnerable than nonvictims
  • there were physiological differences which made them more vulnerable than non victims
  • thwy were mentally inadequate to handle themselves

3. amir suggests victim blaming in woolfmans study is bad for example ...... rates vicrim pecipitated is not very different from saying they are asking for it

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4. Hentig identified..... characteristic of victims

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5. Brrokman notes, importance victim offender relationship and in homocides who becomes the victim by chabce supporting

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  • christie
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