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  • nhbgvfcdxsz
  • ;.ol,kmjnhbgvf

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  • likmujnyhbgvfc
  • ikmujyhbtgrvf
  • ,lkmjnhbgvf

4. kmjnyhbtgvrfce

  • The foreign exchange market is a market in which investors can buy shares denoted in different currencies.
  • vdcdx
  • The foreign exchange is not a physical market and consists of a network of traders connected to each other 24 hours a day.
  • gvfc
  • The foreign exchange market sis a physical market that one can usually find near the stock exchange.
  • The foreign exchange market is a market in which loans in different currencies can be exchanged.
  • gvfcdx

5. ;.olikujyhtgrfed

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  • l,ikmujyhtgrfced
  • kmjnhbgvfx
  • It creates wealth given that large profits are possible on various financial markets.
  • kiujnhbgvf
  • ;.l,gvfd
  • ikmujnhgf


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