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2. Who discovered different blood groups?

  • Karl Landsteiner
  • Robert Lister
  • Reuben Ottenberg
  • Watson and Crick

3. What did Lister advice surgeons to do before surgery?

  • Wash their hands in carbolic
  • Wash their hands in warm soapy water
  • Pray
  • Spray carbolic in the operating table

4. Why did people oppose to using chloroform?

  • Doctors could no longer show off how quickly they could perform an operation
  • Hannah Greener lived through an operation with chloroform to find she grew an extra toe nail
  • Pain was invented by the devil and people may become even more ill if they didn't feel their pain
  • Chloroform had been tested and harmful side effects had been discovered

5. Who discovered chloroform?

  • Humphry Davis
  • James Simpson
  • Robert Liston
  • Dr Keith


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