"The Tiger's Bride" quotes

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The crystals...
"The crystals of the chandelier tinkled a little, as if emitting a pleased chuckle"
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"Blazed with furious light and a fugal baying as of a pride of lions"
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Nothing human...
"Nothing human lives here"
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"Yellow eyes"
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"Shining hairs"
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Chill damp...
"Chill damp of his place creeps into the stones, into your bones, into the spongy pith of the lungs"
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This white rose...
"This white rose unnatural...ripped, petal by petal"
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My father...
"My father lost me to the Beast at cards"
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I *****...
"I ***** my finger and so he gets his rose all smeared with blood"
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Like systems of...
"Like systems of Chinese boxes into the infinite complexity of the place"
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I could scarcely...
"I could scarcely believe my ears. I let out a raucous guffaw; no young lady laughs like that!"
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The key...
"The key to a peaceable kingdom in which his appetite need not be my extinction"
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My earrings...
"My earrings turned back to water and trickled down my shoulders; I shrugged the drops off my beautiful fur"
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We teetered...
"We teetered on the brink"
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If you are so...
"If you are so careless with your treasures, you should expect them to be taken"
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I never saw...
"I never saw a man so big look so two-dimensional"
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Each stroke...
"Each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin, all the skins of a life in the world"
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I felt I was...
"I felt I was at liberty for the first time in my life"
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"Blazed with furious light and a fugal baying as of a pride of lions"



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"Nothing human lives here"


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"Yellow eyes"


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"Shining hairs"


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