The Tempest Quotes

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It was mine art/When I arrived....
and heard thee, that made gape/The pine
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And then I loved thee
And showed thee all the qualities o’ th’ isle….Cursed be that I did so
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Prospero teaches him language and therefore how to curse
You taught me language, and my profit on ‘t/Is I know how to curse
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I’ll show thee the best springs....
I’ll pluck thee/berries/I’ll fish for thee, and get thee wood enough
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I flamed amazement....
sometimes I’ll divide/And burn in many places
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Prospero gives up his magic
But this rough magic/I here abjure
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When Prospero wants Miranda and Ferdinand to look at each other
The fringe curtains of thine eyes advance/And say what thou seest yond
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When Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love
At the first sight/They have changed eyes
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When Caliban sings about his freedom
Freedom, high-day, high-day, freedom, freedom
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I had rather crack my sinews, break my back....
Than you should such dishonour undergo/While I sit lazy by
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I have done nothing but in care of thee....
Of thee my dear one, thee my daughter
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Allegiance switches from Prospero to Ferdinand
I would not wish/Any companion in the world but you…. I prattle/Something too wildy, and my fathers precepts
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Prospero gives Miranda away
Have given you here a third of mine own life …. I ratify this my rich gift
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When Prospero orders Ariel to set Caliban free
Set Caliban and his companions free/Untie the spell’
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When Prospero sets Ariel free
That is thy charge. Then to the elements/Be free, and fare thou well/ Please you draw near
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Caliban rapes Miranda
Didst seek to violate/The honour of my child
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Ariel asks Prospero if he loves him
Do you love me, master, no?
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O I have suffered....
with those that I saw suffer
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Caliban dreams of his freedom
I cried to dream again
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Prospero has two personalities; anger and reason but wants to put a stop to his revenge
The rarer action is/In virtue than in vengeance …. Not a frown further
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Prospero shows his love towards Ariel
I shall miss thee/But yet thou shalt have freedom
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Prospero believes Caliban can never be trained to be good
A devil, a born devil, on whose nature/Nurture can never stick
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Caliban's nicknames
Servant monster, man-monster, ignorant monster, monsieur monster, slave
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And pluck my....
magic garment from me
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Prospero believes M and F have fallen in love too easily
I must uneasy make
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Caliban believes he is capable of change
And I’ll be wise here after/And seek for grace
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Prospero objectifies Miranda
Worthily purchased, take my daughter
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Never surfeited sea....
heath caused to belch up you
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Ariel's best elements
To swim to dive into fire, to ride
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Go release them Ariel....
my charms I’ll break, their sense I’ll restore
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And then I loved thee


And showed thee all the qualities o’ th’ isle….Cursed be that I did so

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Prospero teaches him language and therefore how to curse


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I’ll show thee the best springs....


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I flamed amazement....


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