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2. Who said "God sets out the parameters and initial conditions; things evolved from there"

  • James Sedowsky
  • William Ockham
  • John Polkinghorne
  • Freeman Dyson

3. What analogy put forward by Aquinas, can be explained using the example of birds migrating

  • The arrow and the archer
  • Noah and the Ark
  • the watch and the watchmaker
  • the shipwreck

4. Who said, "it is almost as if the universe must in some sense have known that we were coming"

  • Arthur Brown
  • Freeman Dysan
  • William Ockham
  • James Sadowsky

5. What does dysteleogy mean?

  • an argument that claims that regularity and order can be observed in the physical world and this must be caused by God
  • the same as teleology
  • Something that shows a lack of design
  • something that is clearly designed


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