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2. Who said, "it is almost as if the universe must in some sense have known that we were coming"

  • William Ockham
  • Freeman Dysan
  • James Sadowsky
  • Arthur Brown

3. What does dysteleogy mean?

  • the same as teleology
  • something that is clearly designed
  • Something that shows a lack of design
  • an argument that claims that regularity and order can be observed in the physical world and this must be caused by God

4. who said "what can be more obvious when we look up to the sky and contemplate the heavens, than there is some divinity or intelligence"

  • Cicero
  • Kant
  • Aquinas
  • Swinburne

5. which of the following is a point made by Immanuel Kant

  • the argument depends of the assumption that the universe must be the independent work of a designer
  • the design argument is the only valid argument for the existence of God
  • entities should not be multiplied needlessly
  • it depends on the idea that the universe is not ordererd


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