The Supreme Court Goes To War The New Deal

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1. What was the Butler Act?

  • It declared that the president was acting unconsitutionally
  • It decalred the New Deal unconsitutional
  • It decalred the AAA unconsitutional
  • It declared the AAA, CCC and NRA unconsitutional
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2. What is Roosvelts Plan?

  • Court Packing
  • House Packing
  • Spring Clean of the Supreme Court
  • Abolition of the Suprme Court

3. What did Roosevelt call the Supreme Court?

  • Nine old men
  • Nine young men
  • Nine horsemen
  • Nine jockeys

4. In the Schecter Case, how did the NRA act unconsitutionally?

  • Interfeared in intra-state commerce
  • Interfeared in inter-state commerce
  • Interfeared in intri-state commerece

5. What was the Schecter Case also known as?

  • Sick Chickens Case
  • Confined Chickens Case
  • Ill Chickens Case
  • Poorly Chickens Case


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