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2. Where were all the participants in Bocchiaro's study from?

  • VU University of New York
  • VU University of Amsterdam
  • VU Univerisity of New Haven
  • VU University of Stanford

3. What Sampling technique did Milgram use?

  • Random Sample
  • Snowball Sample
  • Volunteer Sample
  • Opportunity Sample

4. What were the conclusions from Milgram's study?

  • People don't like giving out shocks.
  • People are more obedient to destructive orders than we'd expect. People find the experience of receiving and obeying destructive orders stressful.
  • People are likely to obey destructive orders if they are in a prestigious environment.
  • People will obey because they don't like to whistleblow.

5. What Sampling technique did Bocchiaro use?

  • Stratified Sample
  • Volunteer Sample
  • Opportunity Sample
  • Random Sample


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