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2. CU traits may have unique genetic cause affecting diminished sensitivity to fear and stress cues. Found children with psychopathic tenancies, such as CU traits, showed differential processing of sad and fearful facial expressions compared to CD alone

  • Caputo et al (1999)
  • Blair et al (2001)
  • Kochanka (1993)

3. Conduct Disorder characterised by continually disruptive behaviour which harms others or violates social norms.

  • E.g. Hinshaw and Lee (2003)
  • Caputo et al (1999)
  • APA (2013)

4. 41 boys aged 6-13 with conduct problems who had been refered to a psy, unit. Parents filled out ASPD to asses CU traits. 7 out of 12 high. Child behavioural checklist. Boys with CU traits have more severe behavioural problems.

  • Hinshaw and Lee (2003)
  • Enebrink et al (2005)
  • Frick and White (2008)

5. To be diagnosed, children must meet 3 of the 4 DMS5 listed criteria in the past 12 months, such as "aggression to people or animals".

  • APA (2013)
  • Blair et al (2001)
  • Cookie and Michie (1997)


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