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2. when was this theory developed and by who

  • 3068 by tobuscus and you
  • 1950s by Maslow and Rogers
  • 1965 by Maslow and Rogers
  • 1951 by Maslow and Rogers

3. What is unique

  • what society thinks of you
  • your sex
  • a one off which is not repeated an individual
  • a ability to make our own uninfluenced decisions

4. What was the aim of this theory

  • Take on Behaviorists and followers of Rogers
  • Take on behaviorists and followers of Freud
  • Take on a dragon and followers of one direction
  • Take on behaviorists and followers of fred

5. What is the core theory called

  • Humanistic theory of self
  • human self theory
  • mickey mouses's theory of self
  • the theory of self


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