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2. What is Educational Psychology?

  • The ideas on how education should be run
  • he assessment, diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioural problems.
  • The support to children within an educational setting with emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.
  • The support to teachers within an educational setting

3. What is Occupational Psychology?

  • Looking at selection, training ergonomics and staff satisfaction.
  • The application of psychology to the criminal justice system.
  • The treatment of psychologists for there behavioural issues
  • Looking at why people want to work.

4. What did Jean Piaget do?

  • They were influential in establishing developmental psychology and showing how cognition and intelligence develops through childhood.
  • Devised the first intelligence test
  • Helped establish scientific psychology in North America
  • Conducted detailed experiments on memory using himself as a participant

5. What subjects did Freud extend psychology to include?

  • Motivation, Personality, Addiction and ADHD.
  • Sexual behaviour, developmental processes, motivation and humor
  • Developmental processes, motivation, personality, sexual behaviour.
  • Developmental processes, motivation, personality, addiction


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