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2. What is Social Psychology?

  • When you study the development, structure, and functioning of human society.
  • When you study the hive mind
  • When you study the influence of others on the individual
  • When you study cultures

3. What is operant conditioning based on?

  • The idea of positive and negative reinforcement of behaviour and punishment.
  • The idea that people get used to certain things after time
  • The idea of positive and negative reinforcement of behaviour
  • The idea that you can teach people to do things via association

4. What did Alfred Binet do?

  • They were influential in establishing developmental psychology and showing how cognition and intelligence develops through childhood.
  • Conducted detailed experiments on memory using himself as a participant
  • Devised the first intelligence test
  • Helped establish scientific psychology in North America

5. What did Skinner say about the mind?

  • He dismissed it and regarded the behaving person as an "empty organism" that could be shaped.
  • He thought it existed and you couldn't control someone
  • He thought the mind was set and no one could shape it.
  • He thought that the mind had a strong tendency towards sandwiches


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