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2. Who did the Little Albert study?

  • B.F.Skinner (1923)
  • Watson and Rayner (1920)
  • John B. Watson (1921)
  • Elizabeth Loftus (1919)

3. What Physiologist influenced psychology?

  • Hermann von Schmidt
  • Hermann von Helmholtz
  • Hermione Von Helmholtz
  • Hermann von Wonderbut

4. What did William James do?

  • Devised the first intelligence test
  • Helped establish scientific psychology in North America
  • Conducted detailed experiments on memory using himself as a participant
  • They were influential in establishing developmental psychology and showing how cognition and intelligence develops through childhood.

5. How did Locke and Hume influence psychology?

  • With Double Aspect Theory. The idea that the order and connection of mental reality is the same as the order and connection of physical reality.
  • With Empiricism. The idea that truth and knowledge can only be sought through observation and experience.
  • With Dualism. The idea that all reality can be divided into 2 distinct entities: mind and matter.
  • He highlighted the important link between physiology and psychology. (The study of perception)


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