The role of mass media in the social construction of crime

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1. How do the media portray the criminal justice system?

  • In a generally positive light
  • In a generally negative light
  • In a generally neutral light
  • In a generally UV light 0-o
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2. What is the relationship between the three definitions of crime?

  • It''s complicated.....*sighs*
  • The media definition is dependant on the other two
  • The public definition is dependant on the other two
  • The official definition is dependant on the other two

3. What informs or creates most peoples perceptions of crime?

  • Sociologists
  • Grand Theft Auto!!!!!
  • The media
  • The official agencies responsible for crime control

4. Who says the media focus on dramatic events and not the causes of crime?

  • Criminals
  • Carrabine
  • Chibnall
  • Reiner

5. According to the CSEW do people think crime is increasing or decreasing?

  • The survey corps say increasing but the MPB tried to shut em up!
  • Increasing though it is really decreasing
  • Increasing which it really is
  • Decreasing though its really increasing


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